KrishnaPatnam Ayurveda Medicine - District Collector Report to Lokayuta. Collector's Office, Nellore, Dated 17.05.2021.

Sri K.V.N.Chakradhar Babu, L.A.S., Collector & District Magistrate, Sri Potti Sriramulu Nellore District.

The Registrar, Hon'ble Institution of Lokayukta of Andhra Pradesh, Hermitage Office Complex, D.No.5-10-190/A 5th Floor, Adjacent to HACA Bhavan, Adarsh Nagar, Hyderabad - 500 004.

Sub: Hon'ble Institution of Lokayukta, A.P. - Sri Potti Sriramulu Nellore District - Muthukur Mandal - Krishnapatnam Village - Ayurvedic treatment for Covid-19 patients given by Sri B.Anandaiah - Enquiry report - Submitted.

1. Telephonic message received from Hon'ble Lokayukta, A.P., dt.17.5.2021.
2. Joint Enquiry Report, dt.17.5.2021.

I invite kind attention to the references cited, I submit that, in the reference 1st cited, it has been directed to conduct an enquiry on distribution of Ayurvedic medicine to the Covid-19 patients in Krishnapatnam Village, Muthukur Mandal and to submit report in this regard.

In this connection, I submit that, I have deputed the following officers and group of doctors of Ayurvedic Medicine with a direction to conduct a detailed enquiry and to submit a comprehensive report.

The District Medical & Health Officer, Nellore,
The District Panchayat Officer, Nellore, Revenue Divisional Officer, Nellore
Dr. G.Gangadharam, M.D., (Rasa Sastyra),
Dr.K.Sekhar, M.D., (Kaya Chikitsa),
Dr.K.Raja Narasimha, M.D., (Dravya Guna) The above team of officers along with a group of Ayurvedic Doctors have visited Krishnapatnam Village on 17.5.2021. They have enquired into the matter and reported that, Sri Borigi Anandaiah of Krishnapatnam Village is preparing and distributing a herbal medicine for Covid-19 patients. The person dispensing the said medicine per se is not a qualified professional in Ayurvedic medicine and the formula narrated by him is not forming part of any standard recipe. However the ingredients being used are general herbs only and the method of preparation and dosages is reported as sub-standard. The team have collectively gave a preliminary opinion that, the ingredients of the eye drops may be harmful to the eye sight in the long run. But, the public have not raised any negative comments on the medicine being distributed (free of cost). A copy of the Joint Enquiry Report given by the team of officers and the group of Ayurvedic Doctors is forwarded to the commissioner Ayush for further steps and the same is enclosed herewith for kind perusal. The said medicines / herbal preparations have also been sent to the state Ayurvedic lab at Vijayawada for detailed analysis and meanwhile the person is instructed not to distribute any medicines / preparations unless it is certified / permitted by any Government agency

This is submitted for kind information and a detailed report would be submitted soon after the receipt of findings from the lab.
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