AP Eklavya Model Schools 583 Teacher Posts Recruitment - AP EMRS Tribal Schools Teachers Recruitment 2022 Teacher Recruitment 2022 : Govt to AP fill 583 Vacancies of Principal, Vice Principal, PGTs and TGTs, Application begins district wise soon  @tribal.nic.in Ministry of Tribal Affairs to fill 583 vacancies in the Eklavya Model Residential Schools. EMRS Tribal Schools Teachers Recruitment 2022 -Ekalavya Model Schools 2022 Teacher Posts Recruitment. Ekalavya Model Schools Teachers Requirement Qualifications, Eligibility, Number of Vacancies, EMRS Recruitment Schedule 2022 explained below. Ekalavya Guest Faculty Recruitment

Ekalavya Model Schools 583 Teacher Posts Recruitment - EMRS Tribal Schools Teachers Recruitment 2022


  • 1. Operational guidelines communicated b& NESTS on 13.11.2020.
  • 2. D.O.No.18015/1/2017-Grants, dt:12.02.2020 of the Joint Secretary, MoTA, New Delhi.
  • 3. F.No.18015/1/2017-Grants, dated:19.03.2020 of the MoTA, (NESTS), GoI, New Delhi (Relaxation of qualifying CTET).
  • 4. F.No.NESTS/Recruitment in States/EMRs/22/2020-21 (pt.), dt:17.05.2022.
  • 5. F.No.NESTS/State/Recruitment/22/2020-2021, dated:20.07.2022 of the Asst. Commissioner (NESTS), New Delhi.
  • 6. Note orders of the Vice Chairman, Gurukulam and State EMRS Society.

Rc.No.APTWRE-12032/1/2021-PLNG-APTWREIS, dated:24/07/2022 APTREIS (Gurukulam),
Tadepalli—EMRS—Engaging the qualified teaching - staff as Guest faculty & in Ekalaya & Model Residential Schools during the academic &Year 2022-23—Certain guidelines communicated

EMRS Recruitment 2022 - Ekalavya Model Schools Vacancies 2022-23

As per the CBSE norms and class wise workload, the following is the teaching staff pattern in EMR Schools for the academic &ear 2022-23. The recruitment shall be done state - wise based on state specific vacancy as tabulated below

  Subject Cadre wise no. of posts
1 Principal 28
2 Vice Principal 12
3 PGT English 12
4 PGT Hindi 0
5 PGT Telugu 0
6 PGT Ph&sics 12
7 PGT Chemistr& 12
8 PGT Mathematics 12
9 PGT Economics 12
10 PGT Biolog& 12
11 PGT Histor& 12
12 PGT Pol.Sc., In the place of Geolog&) 12
13 PGT Commerce 0
14 PGT I.T. 19
15 TGT English 47
16 TGT Hindi 47
17 TGT Telugu (Regional) 47
18 TGT Mathematics 47
19 TGT Science 47
20 TGT Social 47
21 Librarian 19
22 Music Teacher 28
23 Art Teacher 28
24 Ph&. Edn.Teacher 47
25 Special Educator -
26 Student Counselor 12
27 Educational & Vocational Guidance 12
  Total 583
  No. of EMRSs 28
  Total posts required 583

EMRS Tribal Schools Teachers Recruitment 2022 Important Dates:

ELURU District Schedule:
District Wise Dates will be announced by the concerned authorities of the District. Here the District of Eluru has announced the Dates for ELURU District:
Selection Process and Qualifications of Teaching and Non Teaching Staff in Ekalavya Model Residential School Buttayagudem

  • Starting Date: 01-08-2022
  • Closing Time: 10-08-2022, 5PM
  • Send their Resumes to this Mail Id emrsbuttayagudem@gmail.com

Eligibility Criteria for AP Ekalavya Model Teachers Teachers Recruitment 2022-23

Name of the Post Required qualifications
1 Vice Principal
  1. Master’s Degree from recognized University.
  2. B.Ed., or equivalent degree from a recognized University
  3. Pass in the Central Teacher Eligibility test (CTET) in accordance with the guidelines framed b& the NCTE for the purpose
  4. Proficiency in teaching in Hindi / English medium
  5. 2 &ears experience of working on the post of PGT or lecturer at leyel 8 in Central/State Goyt/ Autonomous organization of Central / State Goyt.,
3 &ears experience in full& Residential School
2 Post            Graduate Teachers
  1. Two &ears Integrated PG course from Regional College of Education of NCERT in the concerned subject with at least 50% marks in aggregate. (or)
  2. Master Degree from a recognized university with at least 50% marks in aggregate in the following subjects:
  3. B.Ed., or equivalent degree from the Recognized University (not applicable for PGT IT).
  4. Pass in the CTET Paper-II. Conducted b& CBSE in accordance with the Guidelines framed b& the NCTE for the purpose. (or) State Teacher Eligibility Test
  5. Proficiency in teaching in Hindi and English medium
a) English English Literature
b) Hindi Hindi (or) Sanskrit with Hindi as one of the subjects at Graduation level
c) 3rd Lang (Telugu) Telugu literature
d) Physics PG in Physics/ Applied Physics / Nuclear Physics
e) Mathematics PG in Mathematics / Applied Mathematics
f) Chemistry PG in Chemistry / Biochemistry
g) Biolog& PG in Botany / Zoology/Life Science/ Bio.Science/ Genetics / Micro Biology/Bio Technology/Molecular Bio / Plant Physiology provided the& have studied Botany and Zoology at Graduation level.
h) Economics PG in Economics / Applied Economics / Business Economics
i) Commerce PG in Commerce. However, holder of Degrees of

M.Com., in Applied / Business Economics shall not be eligible.
j) History PG in History
k) Geography PG in Geography
l) Info. Technology B.Tech (Computer Science / IT) / Masters Degree in Computer Application / Computer Science / Information  Technology  /  M.Tech  (Computer Science / Information Technology.

3 Trained Graduate Teachers
  1. 4 &ears integrated degree course of Regional College of Education of NCERT in the concerned subject with at least 50% marks in aggregate (or)
  2. Bachelor’s Degree with at least 50% marks in the concerned subject / combination of subject and in aggregate.
  3. B.Ed., or equivalent degree from a recognized Uniyersity.
  4. Pass CTET Paper-II conducted by CBSE in accordance with the Guidelines framed b& the NCTE for the purpose. (or) State Teacher Eligibility Test
  5. Profciency in teaching in Hindi and English Medium.
a) English English as a subject in all the three &ears
b) Hindi Hindi is a subject in all the three &ears
c) 3rd language (Telugu) 3rd language as a subject in all the three &ears
d) Mathematics Mathematics as main subject in Graduation level with one of the following as second subject: Physics, Chemistry, Electronics, Computer science, Economics, Commerce and Statistics.
e) Science Bachelor Degree in Science with an& two of the following subjects Botany, Zoology and Chemistry
f) Social studies An& two of the following main subject at graduation level: History, Geography, Economics and Pol.Science of which one must be either History or Geography.
4. Ph&.Edn. Teacher
  1. Bachelor of Physical Education (or) Bachelor of Science in Health and Physical Education and degree in Sports at least 55% marks as per NCTE (or)
  2. At least 50% marks in the BPED degree / BP.ED (integrated) four &ears professional degree in accordance with the NCTE (or)
  3. BPED with at least 55% marks or BPE course
(or) its equivalent) of three &ears duration

with at least 50% marks as per NCTE and M.P.Ed., of atleast two &ears duration from an& NCTE recognized Institute.
5. Music Teacher Essential:
  1. Senior Secondar& School Certificate with 50% marks (or) Intermediate with 50% marks or its equivalent and Bachelor / Masters Degree in Music or equiyalent from a recognized Uniyersit&.
  2. Competence to teach through English and Hindi medium.
  1. Knowledge of Computer applications.
  2. 3 &ears experience as a Music teacher
6. Art Teacher Bachelor in Fine Art or Higher Secondary / Intermediate / Sr.School Certificate Exam with minimum 5 &ears (full time) diploma in Fine Art / Painting / Drawing & Painting from a recognized Institute / Uniyersity.
7 Special Educator Graduate with B.Ed., (Special Education) or B.Ed., with a two &ears diploma in special education or Post Graduate professional diploma in Special Education (or) An& other equivalent qualification approved b& rehabilitation council of India.
Note: Teacher with qualification in single disability area will be encouraged to specialized in other disability area b& undergoing modular courses to take care of wide range of diversities in a General School.
8 Student Counselor Masters degree in Psychology from a recognized uniyersity or institution with Diploma in Guidance and counseling from a recognized uniyersity or institution.
One &ear experience in guidance and counseling in a Central or State or UTs/Public Sectors.
9 Educational & Vocational guidance
10 Hostel Warden Minimum Graduate Degree from an& Recognized Uniyersit&.
Atleast 5 &ears teaching experience / Administratiye experience in Hostels (or) an& Goyernment recognized Schools.

Selection Procedure for Ekalavya Tribal Schools Teachers Recruitment

Permission to the Principal Secretaries of the Tribal Welfare departments of all states that, the teachers may be hired as Guest teachers in EMR Schools till the regular recruitment. Preference must be giyen to the teachers retired from NVS / KVS / State Goyt. Schools etc., on the pattern of Kendirya Vidyalaya Sanghathan with no claim for absorption. The minimum qualifications as per the recruitment rules should be adhered to maintain the qualit& of education.
Guidelines for engaging the Guest teachers for EMR Schools through the District Leyel Committee headed b& the District Collector concerned.

District Leyel Committee stipulated in the EMRS operational guidelines, it is decided to entrust the hiring the qualified and experienced teaches in the cadres of PGT / TGT / PET / Art teacher / Music teacher as guest teachers in Ekalaya Model Residential Schools to the District Leyel Committee (DLC) headed b& the District Collectors concerned. The following are the ofcials proposed b& the NESTS in the DLC for taking up the recruitment / engaging the Guest facult& for EMR School.

Selection Committee:

  • District Magistrate / Collector / D&. Commissioner or nominee as Chairman;
  • Project Ofcer / District or Chief Education Ofcer
  • Incharge Academic matters State EMRS Societ& or one Educationist member from DLC
  • Subject Expert and
  • One EMRS Principal.
Selection Criteria / Process
It is proposed to follow the following common procedure for preparing the merit list for calling the Guest faculty & for interviews for selections.

Selection Procedure of PGT and TGT in Ekalavya Tribal Model Schools

Description Mai. Marks Range of marks Remarks
1 Degree in relevant subject
50% marks - 3 marks
60% marks - 5 50% marks - 3 marks
60% marks - 5 marks
70% marks - 8 marks
Above 70% - 10 marks
Candidates ma& be considered for either TGT / PGT post based on their qualification and weightage of marks In both theory and practical

2 Post Graduation in relevant subject 10
3 Professional: B.Ed., 10 50% marks - 5 marks
Above 60% - 10 marks
4 Eligibility Test 10 CTET - 10 marks TET - 5 marks
5 Addl. Qualification (M.Ed., / M.Phil / Ph.D etc.,) 10 Any one Addl. Degree – 5 marks
6 Experience in Central / State Goyt. / reputed educational institutions 10
  1. working since last 2 &ears 2 &ears (2 marks)
  1. working since last 5 &ears ( 5 marks)
  2. working more than 5 &ears (10 marks)
Award the weightage based on the certificate produced & the candidate only
7 Stud&ing in English medium 10 ii) Minimum 2 levels and above: 5 marks If, the candidates studied in Telugu medium the& will forgo the marks.
7 Demo


  1. English proficiency& – Max. 05 marks
  2. Command in concerned subject – Max. 10 marks
  3. Skills in teaching (usage of black board & teaching aids / motivation of students – 10 marks
  4. d) Attitude – 5 marks

Total 100

General instructions for Ekalavya Tribal Model Schools Teachers Recruitment 2022

The Member Convener shall circulate to the District Collector concerned routed through the D&. Director TW / DSTWO and Project Officer concerned along with the following enclosures:

  1. a. Operational guidelines communicated b& NESTS (Ref.1st).
  2. b. Guidelines for engaging the Guest teachers for EMRSs communicated b& NESTS (Ref.5th).
  3. c. Institution wise staff pattern proposed b& the Secretary &, Gurukulam for the academic &ear 2022-23 and present working staff details and vacancy & position.

1. The Chairman, District Level Committee shall nominate the other officials as per their convenience.
2. Obtain the applications through online either taking the help of the NIC officials for creation of separate web application (or) through one of the official e-mail with the approval of the Chairman, DLC.
3. Inform to the existing outsourcing staff working in EMRS for attending Screening test for further continuation duly following the criteria and shall be converted as Guest faculty by paying the honorarium as prescribed by the NESTS.
4. The existing Outsourcing teaching staff working in other Gurukulam institutions who are willing shall also participate in the selection process. The selection of existing Outsourcing teachers shall be on merit only.
5. Issue press note for calling applications from the retired teachers and also qualified candidates with the approval of the Chairman, District Leyel Committee.
6. Prepare detailed guidelines, terms and conditions of selection of Guest teachers and upload in the Web application / display& in the Office of the District Collector concerned / Project Officer, ITDA, D&. Director (TW) / DSTWOs of Non-ITDA districts and EMR Schools.
7. Ensure that, the entire process shall be completed b& the end of 10th August, 2022 without fail.
10. There is no roster system in selection of teachers as the& are engaged as guest faculty .
11. In yiew of Co.Education s&stem under residential pattern in EMR Schools, maintain the equal ratio of male and female teachers in each EMR School.
12. Scrutinize of applications ma& also be entrusted to the Principals of other EMR Schools and prepare the subject wise selection list for calling to demo and interyiew.
13. Prepare separate list of retired teachers for conducting screening test allot the institutions as per their interest onl&.
14. Later prepare a separate merit lists for male and female candidates.
15. Display the merit list with the approval of the Chairman of DLC before conducting the Demo.
16. Specify clear & that, the selection is only on Guest basis there is no right to claim for absorption / regularization.
17. Honorarium shall be paid through PFMS only to the selected candidates as per the guidelines communicated b& the NESTS yide ref.5th cited

Ekalavya Model Residential Schools (EMRS) in Andhra Pradesh 2022-23

Name of the EMRS
G L Puram
RC Varam

Application Fee EMRS Tribal Schools Teachers Recruitment 2022

No Application Fee.

Steps to Apply for APTWRE PGT, TGT Jobs 2022 ELURU District

  • First, visit the official website @ eluru.ap.gov.in
  • And check for the APTWRE Recruitment or Careers to which you are going to apply.
  • Open PGT, TGT Jobs notification and check Eligibility.
  • Check the last date carefully before starting the application form.
  • Fill the application form without any mistakes.
  • Pay the application fee (If applicable) and Send the application form to emrsbuttayagudem@gmail.com, on or before the last date (10-Aug-2022)

 Download the Detailed Notification on EKALAVYA Tribal Schools Teachers Recruitment 2022

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